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"Empowering you with knowledge" underpins our philosophy to provide quality whilst remaining cost effective golf tuition for all levels of golfers. You will benefit from our knowledge and experience, gaining a clear understanding of golf fundamentals and how to put these into practise on the course.

Award Winning Tuition

Here at Jason Laws Golf Academy we have a hard working team that involves more than just your stock-standard golf coaching. Jason has a team that includes fellow golf instructors, an extraordinary admin team, and let's not forget Jason himself. Jason has received the following accolades from the NSW/ACT PGA :

- Teaching Professional of the Year 2002 & 2015,

- Coach of the Year 2016,

- Game Development Professional of the Year 2018 

- PGA National Game Development Professional of the Year 2018.

- Game Development Professional of the Year 2023

Multiple Award Winning

Golf Instructor

Jason Laws


Jason Laws

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